Monday, July 23, 2012

Share Your Screen Easily, and I Mean EASILY!

I first heard about Screenleap from a blog that I follow, The Whiteboard Blog.  You can read the article here.  Screenleap allows a person to share their computer screen with anyone without any logins, downloads, or signups.  
Yesterday, my mom needed some help with her Nook, so I decided to give Screenleap a try.  I went to and sent my mom the link I was given to share my screen.  My mom just had to click on the link in her email and she could then see everything I was doing on my computer.  I went to Barnes and Noble and showed her what she needed to know.
I also tried Screenleap with my son, Robert.  He opened the link I sent him on his iPhone.  It worked perfectly.  Screenleap also works on an iPad.  

So if you ever need to help someone with a computer question, try sharing your computer screen with them via Screenleap.  

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